Tatiana Fernández Geara | 2015 | Dominican Republic | 71′ | Documentary


Leidy, Fina and Clara leave their children in distant towns to be raised by relatives while they are away caring for somebody else’s child. Going back and forth between urban and rural scenarios, this documentary goes deep into the conflicts faced by live-in nannies. In a love chain, where mother figures are substituted and duplicated, bonds grow strong between kids and their nannies, and between the nannies’ children and the grandmothers or aunts who care for them. Is there just one way to define motherly love?

Director: Tatiana Fernández Geara.
Producers: Tatiana Fernández Geara y Sarah Pérez Báez.
Associate Producer: Juanjo Cid.
Cinematographer/Direct Sound: Tatiana Fernández Geara.
Editor: Juanjo Cid.
Image Correction: Aurora Color Post.
Sound Design: Sonoro Post House.




Fondo para la Promoción Cinematográfica (FONPROCINE) 2013: Production Fund for Feature Documentary.
III Festival RDoc: Best Feature from Dominican Republic.
Premios Iris 2017: Best Documentary.


Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano.
Havana, Cuba
December 2015

Festival RDoc
Santo Domingo
March 2016

Festival Internacional Cinematográfico del Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay
March 2016

Chicago Latino Film Festival
Chicago, IL
April 2016

Dominican Film Festival in New York
New York, NY
June 2016

Queretaro, Mexico
October 2016

Muestra Todo Cine, Todo Dominicana
Madrid, Spain
October 2016

Festival Icaro
Antigua, Guatemala
October 2016

African Diaspora International Film Festival
New York, NY
December 2016

Festival Insularia – Islas en RED
Tenerife, Canary Islands
September 2017

Global Migration Film Festival
December 2017
In 17 countries