Tatiana Fernández Geara | 2021 | Dominican Republic | 77′ | Documentary


Three teen ballet students — Raymundo, Angel and Victor — are the only boys in a class of twenty. In a country where dance is mostly considered an activity for women, they are determined to follow their dreams and challenge traditional gender roles. Like a waltz, music played in triple time, the three boys move through Santo Domingo while confronting, yet sometimes abiding by, the Dominican machismo culture.

Director: Tatiana Fernández Geara.
Producers: Fernando Santos Díaz and Tatiana Fernández Geara
Cinematographer: Tatiana Fernández Geara
Editor: Juanjo Cid (El Editor Cuir)
Sound Design: Homer Mora
Image Correction: Aurora Dominicana


Best Documentary Dominican Film Festival in New York (2021)
Honorable Mention 
Best Ibero-American Documentary, FICG 36 (2021).
Su Mirada Fund for postproduction, IFF Panama (2020).
DocuLab.12: Selected for the workshop by FICG 35, Guadalajara, Mexico (2020).
Fondo para la Promoción Cinematográfica (FONPROCINE): Production fund for documentary feature (2017).

Mencion Honorifica FICG
Winner NYC


Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa
Tarifa, Spain
May 2022

Nouveaux Regards Film Festival Guadeloupe
April 2022

Festival Internacional de Cine de Panamá
Panama City, Panama
December 2021
Winner Su Mirada

Dominican Film Festival
New York, NY
November 2021
Winner Best Documentary

Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Mexico
October 2021
Honorable Mention Best Ibero-American Documentary

Trinidad & Tobago International Film Festival
Trinidad & Tobago
September 2021